Business Growth Coaching

Growth is one of those terms that can mean a lot of different things to different people.  Here at Humans United By Business (HUBB) when we talk about growth, we are talking about growth of revenue, profit, headcount, and the value of your business.

Getting to a point where your business is growing consistently and sustainably is one of the hardest things for a business owner to achieve.  Of the 100’s of businesses we work with every year approximately 20% have the gift of growth while 80% are chasing an optimal market: product/service fit and have excess capacity.

Our business growth coaching takes two different pathways depending on whether your business is at capacity or needs help reaching capacity. We will work with you to articulate your vision, build growth strategies, implement a plan and shape your personal development and that of your team to overcome challenges and create opportunities. The aim is to work at or near capacity so you can maximise the time, money or value you get from your business and then, if growth is your objective, increase the scaffolding of your business in terms of people, systems and capital so that you can take it to its maximum potential.

Our Approach:

Why Business Growth Coach?

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Access to Specialised Expertise

At HUBB we work with a broad and diverse panel of experts. Most business owners don’t have access to these networks or the diligence to talk to so many experts when attempting to resolve a problem. At HUBB you will have the opportunity to meet one-to-one with our talented experts who are genuinely interested in you and your business, and are willing to help you in any way they can.

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Safe Haven for Growth

Clients, staff, shareholders, Directors, regulators and lenders always expect a business owner to have all the answers. We find that this situation gets in the way of learning because it is hard for business owners to ask for help. HUBB has been deliberately constructed to be a safe place for business owners to get confidential support in a no-judgement culture. You can safely share your challenges and be your authentic self in our community.

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Lifelong Growth Partnerships

A business owner’s ability to problem solve rapidly and effectively to reinvent themselves is the secret to success in a growth business. HUBB supports business owners with continual development and lifelong business relationships through its comprehensive Business Coaching Program, empowering them to tackle all the challenges and opportunities they face in their whole journey in growing their business.

What Our Members Say?

  • Andrew Nicholls

    Hubb welcomes me to a community of significant  business leaders in their own right,  who are generous in their assistance and advice, and provides a safe forum to those of us in leadership roles.

    Andrew Nicholls

    Sector Expert for Financial Advisory and Tax, NCS Group

  • Heather Marano

    Joining HUBB has been one of the most valuable things I have done for my business in the last year. I’ve found a like minded community of supportive, generous and authentic business owners, who are as invested in the growth of my business as I am.

    Heather Marano

    Sector Expert for Awards and PR, Green Door Co

  • Gonz Almeida

    The perfect synchronicity is found at HUBB, where building relationships and gathering the knowledge from a diversified and wide array of well respected business leaders in their industries, who have experienced many of the hurdles we all at some stage will go through and are able and excited to share their experiences.

    Gonz Almeida

    CEO Panellist, StreetStrong

  • What HUBB has done exceptionally well is create a space where seasoned and new business leaders come together to share their journey with each other. We met other young enthusiastic founders on a similar journey, facing similar challenges. We got to know and learn from people who had already weathered these storms and had great tips for us. Best of all, we felt part of a community.

    Diana Ayoub

    CEO Panellist, Sh8peshifters

  • James Ritchie

    Being part of the HUBB community has been one of the wisest investments we have made for The Mindful Risk Group. Part business owner group therapy, part cheer squad, part advisory board, the support for the journey of our business as well as getting the chance to surround ourselves with amazing business people has been enlightening.

    James Ritchie

    CEO Panellist, The Mindful Risk Group

  • I wasn’t sure what to expect when I entered into on-line coaching (with Dan ) – being a self-starter means you work your own way through great slabs of uncharted territory!  But having that coaching is now a potent and powerful ingredient of my direction with my work. I gained a better perspective, solid and insightful advice, experienced a real interest and understanding of the how and why of my business.  Enormously grateful for the value it has added, and so pleased to have companionship on this journey.

    Maria Issaris

    Founder of audiobooksradio

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What is the time and financial commitment?

Typically the time commitment is one (1) afternoon and evening per month eight (8) times per year, plus 45 min before and after each event. The financial commitment is $768.20 + GST per month during the course of the program, if paid annually there is a significant discount.

Do I meet the same Coach every month?

You will be assigned a Coach by HUBB who you will meet for 1hr every month for the first four (4) months. You will also meet three (3) new Experts every month as part of the Experts Mentoring Program.

What is the typical journey of a business owner during their time at HUBB?

Most business owners participate in the Expert Mentoring Program during the first 4 months in HUBB, and then they join a chair-led peer-to-peer group of CEOs (CEO Panel) which provides an amazing level of accountability and support under the guidance of a qualified Chair or Coach. Said chair-led peer-to-peer groups run almost indefinitely, and we have experience of some of them lasting as long as ten years with very little changes in the Chair or participants. The more common journey is that the groups are reconstituted every two or three years and business owners continue in them as long as they provide a benefit to their business and are working towards a meaningful objective. Sometimes a business owner may experience time pressure and during these times they reduce their time commitment by participating as an alumni participant (HUBBsters), and simply attend our Conversation events.

What is the difference between the Expert Mentoring Matrix, the CEO Panel and HUBB Conversations, and how do they relate to business growth coaching?

Our Expert Mentoring Matrix Program and CEO Panels are both at the core of business growth. As mentioned above in FAQ 3, when you join HUBB you will start out in the Mentoring Matrix, then move into the CEO Panel (chair-led peer-to-peer group) where you will be coached in a group format. Our Conversation events are panels consisting of both talented and brilliant guest speakers and HUBB participants. These events provide a great opportunity to learn something new, connect with likeminded people, and grow your business.

Are there any lock-in contracts when joining HUBB?

No, business owners typically sign a participation agreement and make a monthly or annual discounted payment. HUBB participants can terminate at any time, for any reason by giving two months’ notice.

Is there any guarantee the coaching will work?

Yes there is. We only invite business owners into our community when we feel we can make a significant contribution to their businesses and their lives. If in the first 30 days you feel it is not for you, we will refund your money.