One on One Business Coaching

A conversation with someone that knows about your business, who knows the game, has experience, has vast past knowledge, broad networks, and who cares about your success in business, is the high-water mark in coaching.

The opportunity to have one to one coaching sessions without distractions, with someone who is 100% present, represents a huge opportunity for every business owner. This is what one on one coaching is.

It can be a one off impromptu conversation or it can be a number of conversations over time. It can be between 2 people or a group. In a browser supported world where, if we are honest with ourselves, everything in business has already been solved by somebody else and you can have unlimited access to books, podcasts, videos, transcripts, knowledge about every challenge or opportunity. However even when we can find all know-how on every topic, simply having a conversation with another human still trumps everything.

Our Approach:

Why One on One Business Coach?

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Find out what’s blocking you

We take the time to learn what is really going on in your business in order to help you work on the real issues that are blocking you, your team or your business’ success.

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We will walk the golf course with you

Don’t do anything short term. There is no fast or quick fix in business and so when we collectively come up with a strategy, suggestion or plan, we make it our business to be there with you as you make the implementation for change.

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Team support

We will take all of our know-how, processes and experts, and then deploy them inside your business. We will coach the leader for leadership skills and the team together so that the leader doesn’t have to do it all on their own.

What Our Members Say?

  • Andrew Nicholls

    Hubb welcomes me to a community of significant  business leaders in their own right,  who are generous in their assistance and advice, and provides a safe forum to those of us in leadership roles.

    Andrew Nicholls

    Sector Expert for Financial Advisory and Tax, NCS Group

  • Heather Marano

    Joining HUBB has been one of the most valuable things I have done for my business in the last year. I’ve found a like minded community of supportive, generous and authentic business owners, who are as invested in the growth of my business as I am.

    Heather Marano

    Sector Expert for Awards and PR, Green Door Co

  • Gonz Almeida

    The perfect synchronicity is found at HUBB, where building relationships and gathering the knowledge from a diversified and wide array of well respected business leaders in their industries, who have experienced many of the hurdles we all at some stage will go through and are able and excited to share their experiences.

    Gonz Almeida

    CEO Panellist, StreetStrong

  • What HUBB has done exceptionally well is create a space where seasoned and new business leaders come together to share their journey with each other. We met other young enthusiastic founders on a similar journey, facing similar challenges. We got to know and learn from people who had already weathered these storms and had great tips for us. Best of all, we felt part of a community.

    Diana Ayoub

    CEO Panellist, Sh8peshifters

  • James Ritchie

    Being part of the HUBB community has been one of the wisest investments we have made for The Mindful Risk Group. Part business owner group therapy, part cheer squad, part advisory board, the support for the journey of our business as well as getting the chance to surround ourselves with amazing business people has been enlightening.

    James Ritchie

    CEO Panellist, The Mindful Risk Group

  • I wasn’t sure what to expect when I entered into on-line coaching (with Dan ) – being a self-starter means you work your own way through great slabs of uncharted territory!  But having that coaching is now a potent and powerful ingredient of my direction with my work. I gained a better perspective, solid and insightful advice, experienced a real interest and understanding of the how and why of my business.  Enormously grateful for the value it has added, and so pleased to have companionship on this journey.

    Maria Issaris

    Founder of audiobooksradio

Other Business Coaching Services


How much does one to one coaching cost?

Generally we will quote the cost of a coaching program, customised to the business leader on a case by case basis. It will depend on the objective we are working on, what you want to achieve and whether we’re working with just you or a team and the size of the team. Please talk to us and we’ll give you a quote that’s best suited for your specific situation. Our premium service, team coaching, is five times what it costs to coach one person.

How long does one to one coaching take?

Most of our coaching programs will take 6-12 months.

What is a return on investment from one to one coaching

Is it our view that a coaching engagement should make you money not cost you money. At HUBB we have a vast network of potential clients, business leaders and investors, so if your success is measured as an increase in turnover, profit or value of the business, then we have a track record of giving business owners a 6 to 11 times return on what they pay us.

When is a good time to start one-on- one coaching?

This is one of those amazing strategic questions. With coaching you’re generally working on the big, strategic, contextual parts of the business or your journey, and as a rule of thumb, there’s never a convenient time to do this strategic work. It will always take you significant amounts of time and will often cost you more than what you will want to pay, but if you work with our community and with our coaches, you’ll have that problem solved. When it comes to coaching, like all strategic activities, the two best times to start are 25 years ago and today.

Can I talk to participants in the HUBB community who have already been coached one to one?

Yes, as part of the proposal stage we will introduce you to as many past and current clients as you like. We are very proud of the work we have done that has changed the lives of business owners for the better.