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Humans are social creatures so having face to face contact with people, networking, and meeting people directly at an event, lunch or meeting, is something that we all desire and ultimately need. There are also always nuances and information that are communicated in a face to face format more effectively than communication via online.

However, in a post-covid world where we have all learnt how to communicate online, almost everything can in fact be completed successfully online. For example, the new normal now post COVID in companies that have a formal board structure, is that the major board meetings are still face to face, but the majority of the committee & subcommittee work – is mostly now completed online. Most of these meetings don’t require travel and are really between people that already know each other. . It’s the same with coaching, online business coaching allows a lot more to happen, it’s practical, saves on travel and time, and environmentally speaking it is better for our small planet.

Our Approach:

Why Online Business Coach?

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Convenient, cost-effective and flexible

Our online coaching is offered at your convenience and is a great way to lower costs in the business.

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Vast reach

whether you are situated in a regional location or in another state altogether, you will be able to reach us at HUBB and participate in our business coaching programs.

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Online learning breeds resilience

Participating in our online activities breeds resilience because at HUBB we understand how unpredictable the world and our environment can be, and we value being prepared and feeling competent in various modes of learning.

What Our Members Say?

  • Andrew Nicholls

    Hubb welcomes me to a community of significant  business leaders in their own right,  who are generous in their assistance and advice, and provides a safe forum to those of us in leadership roles.

    Andrew Nicholls

    Sector Expert for Financial Advisory and Tax, NCS Group

  • Heather Marano

    Joining HUBB has been one of the most valuable things I have done for my business in the last year. I’ve found a like minded community of supportive, generous and authentic business owners, who are as invested in the growth of my business as I am.

    Heather Marano

    Sector Expert for Awards and PR, Green Door Co

  • Gonz Almeida

    The perfect synchronicity is found at HUBB, where building relationships and gathering the knowledge from a diversified and wide array of well respected business leaders in their industries, who have experienced many of the hurdles we all at some stage will go through and are able and excited to share their experiences.

    Gonz Almeida

    CEO Panellist, StreetStrong

  • What HUBB has done exceptionally well is create a space where seasoned and new business leaders come together to share their journey with each other. We met other young enthusiastic founders on a similar journey, facing similar challenges. We got to know and learn from people who had already weathered these storms and had great tips for us. Best of all, we felt part of a community.

    Diana Ayoub

    CEO Panellist, Sh8peshifters

  • James Ritchie

    Being part of the HUBB community has been one of the wisest investments we have made for The Mindful Risk Group. Part business owner group therapy, part cheer squad, part advisory board, the support for the journey of our business as well as getting the chance to surround ourselves with amazing business people has been enlightening.

    James Ritchie

    CEO Panellist, The Mindful Risk Group

  • I wasn’t sure what to expect when I entered into on-line coaching (with Dan ) – being a self-starter means you work your own way through great slabs of uncharted territory!  But having that coaching is now a potent and powerful ingredient of my direction with my work. I gained a better perspective, solid and insightful advice, experienced a real interest and understanding of the how and why of my business.  Enormously grateful for the value it has added, and so pleased to have companionship on this journey.

    Maria Issaris

    Founder of audiobooksradio

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What is the cost?

Generally, programs and activities online will be cheaper, as travel and accommodation has eliminated costs. However, the rest of the costs that make up delivering the service or program remains the same. Please contact us at HUBB to receive a personalised quote for online coaching.

Can I do a mix of both online and face to face coaching?

Yes, when people are engaged with HUBB online, we still let them know about our in-person events and typically they can access our events and programs when they’re in Sydney next.

If I sign up to a program that’s done in-person, can I switch to online later down the track?

If it is a one-to-one engagement, yes you can switch from in person to online and back again as required. In a group coaching context however the format works best when done either all in person or all online. For example, our CEO Panels, which are face to face, chair led, peer to peer groups, work best if everyone attends in-person or everyone is online. When one person is online and everyone else is meeting face to face, the person that is participating online tends to have a very poor experience. Which is why we don’t recommend this. We’ll facilitate whatever we can to support people’s journeys and learnings.

What is the time commitment like?

The time commitment is the same as in-person coaching, the scheduling is however more flexible.