Business Strategy Coach

Strategy, simply put, is what you’re going to do in order to reach your objective, where will you be active, the vehicles you will use to get there, the speed and sequence of actions, and the financial consequences or requirements. Then lastly, what is your secret sauce? How do you win?.

One of the surprising patterns about strategy, having worked with hundreds of businesses, is how different sized businesses deal with the strategy phase. Large corporate businesses seem to be perpetually stuck in strategy and don’t implement very easily. The businesses that we work with, typically with a headcount of 3 to 50 people, are often frustrated by strategy. Whenever they’ve got a problem, they want a quick answer and often skip over the strategic planning phase in order to get straight into “doing”. We think this is one of the main reasons why so many businesses don’t grow or remain stagnant. The businesses that implement strategy best are the seasoned wise business owners who have the experience, who understand their sector very well and can plan a set of actions that navigates them through to their objective with the greatest chance of business success.

Our Approach:

Why Business Strategy Coach?

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Build priceless relationships

Discuss and develop relationships with the others who will ask questions, show genuine interest in you, and share knowledge and networks in a culture of no judgement.

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Expansion of possibilities

Get in contact with HUBB participants who do strategy very well, and receive mutual benefits and your universe of possibilities will eventually expand

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Unlimited support

Receive emotional and tangible support from others in the HUBB community that is indispensable to get through the highs and lows of implementing strategy.

What Our Members Say?

  • Andrew Nicholls

    Hubb welcomes me to a community of significant  business leaders in their own right,  who are generous in their assistance and advice, and provides a safe forum to those of us in leadership roles.

    Andrew Nicholls

    Sector Expert for Financial Advisory and Tax, NCS Group

  • Heather Marano

    Joining HUBB has been one of the most valuable things I have done for my business in the last year. I’ve found a like minded community of supportive, generous and authentic business owners, who are as invested in the growth of my business as I am.

    Heather Marano

    Sector Expert for Awards and PR, Green Door Co

  • Gonz Almeida

    The perfect synchronicity is found at HUBB, where building relationships and gathering the knowledge from a diversified and wide array of well respected business leaders in their industries, who have experienced many of the hurdles we all at some stage will go through and are able and excited to share their experiences.

    Gonz Almeida

    CEO Panellist, StreetStrong

  • What HUBB has done exceptionally well is create a space where seasoned and new business leaders come together to share their journey with each other. We met other young enthusiastic founders on a similar journey, facing similar challenges. We got to know and learn from people who had already weathered these storms and had great tips for us. Best of all, we felt part of a community.

    Diana Ayoub

    CEO Panellist, Sh8peshifters

  • James Ritchie

    Being part of the HUBB community has been one of the wisest investments we have made for The Mindful Risk Group. Part business owner group therapy, part cheer squad, part advisory board, the support for the journey of our business as well as getting the chance to surround ourselves with amazing business people has been enlightening.

    James Ritchie

    CEO Panellist, The Mindful Risk Group

  • I wasn’t sure what to expect when I entered into on-line coaching (with Dan ) – being a self-starter means you work your own way through great slabs of uncharted territory!  But having that coaching is now a potent and powerful ingredient of my direction with my work. I gained a better perspective, solid and insightful advice, experienced a real interest and understanding of the how and why of my business.  Enormously grateful for the value it has added, and so pleased to have companionship on this journey.

    Maria Issaris

    Founder of audiobooksradio

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Business consultants typically charge a lot for strategy, how do I know it is worth it?

There is no shortage of consultants that will create a strategy for you and often charge quite a bit for this work. The problem is always implementation. As they say in the military, no plan ever survives contact with the enemy. Here at HUBB we believe in long term relationships so we will work with you on your strategy but more importantly we will be next to you to implement it and then if necessary adapt, improve or even change depending on what happens in the field.

How do I know a strategy will work for my business?

You don’t. But you can maximise your chances of success by working with people that have done the same thing as you previously, have tangible experience in the field and stage and are willing to work with you to implement the strategy.

How do I know I need to work on my strategy?

If you feel like you’re spinning your wheels, your business isn’t getting any traction, you are worried about profitability or ending your business journey having no significant savings, or if you are not getting enough out of your team, if you feel any of these things, you need a strategy coach. If you are still unsure, please contact us and we can help you figure out if a business strategy coaching is the right coaching for you.

How do I find the right coach for me at HUBB?

Initially we will assign you to meet with various experts, coaches and chairs from both our Mentoring Matrix and CEO Panel programs, and as you navigate your journey in HUBB you will then be able to work with specific people of your choosing who also want to work with you. For every collaboration in HUBB we aim for it to be mutually energising and represent a fair exchange of value.

What is the time and financial commitment?

Typically the time commitment is one (1) afternoon and evening per month eight (8) times per year, plus 45 min before and after each event. The financial commitment is $768.20 + GST per month during the course of the program, if paid annually there is a significant discount.